Powerful & Speedy With TIGATI From VIAIN

VIAIN’s RIB Boats are the next generation world extremely innovative sailor’s choice. Along with the VIAIN’s engineers several years of design and development we have now launched our wide range of RIB Boat brands in VIAIN’s Showroom. VIAIN’s RIB Boats are the most preciously designed RIB Boats in the market with the most advanced technology with anti drown feature, which enables a safer sailing experience both in shallow and deep water than any other vessels in the practice.
VIAIN’s RIB Boats are Rigid Inflatable Boat with a hull in middle made up of special fiberglass from VIAIN’s production house which can withstand for a longer lifespan than any as they undergo several quality tests during the manufacturing process. Also, VIAIN uses the best materials for the external air chamber which is mostly made up of environmentally friendly PVC plastic, Hypalon membrane skin, and Orca fabric for the higher durable finishing.

Moreover, VIAIN’s RIB Boats can bare an unimaginable loading capacity of a range from 1200Kg-2000Kg and it usually includes a live load of maximum 18 adults as per the model of the VIAIN’s RIB Boats. Usually, VIAIN produces a seating capacity for a range of 1-18 as per the consumer’s requirement.
VIAIN uses high quality strengthen Hypalon membrane for their inflatable air chamber in all brands of VIAIN’s RIB Boats. It is being selected as the Hypalon membrane that has more durability in the extreme humidity environment and the gauge of the membrane used by VIAIN is enough to withstand against the puncture issues which usually occur when you park the vessel next to the ramp, a bigger vessel or ship. In another word, VIAIN’s air chambers don’t get punctured in day-to-day usage, but if it is arbitrarily punctured or rubbed with a damaged rough ramp surface then it can easily be repaired by the repair kit provided. The main function of the surrounded inflatable tube provided in VIAIN’s RIB Boat is to prevent the solid body of the boat from the sea waves, disasters, and crashed damages. Also, these inflatable tubes can absorb the direct impact caused by powerful waves.

Also, VIAIN uses the world best Orca fabric for the RIB Boats as it has the higher durability to the wet environment and for the quality and value of the money you can always trust VIAIN as engineers from VIAIN are always concerned about the quality of the material they use and the final product they release out of the factory. In recent decades VIAIN’s customers are highly satisfied with the value for money they paid for purchasing VIAIN’s product and it is an axiom.

Moreover VIAIN uses processed fiberglass with added extra strength as a primary material for making the hull in VIAIN’s RIB Boat and that itself provides a higher loading capacity and higher durability. VIAIN’s fiberglass is stronger than any other materials that are used to build ships or sailing vessels and that material itself is waterproofed with a special gel coat
VIAIN’s RIB Boats are ideal for the people who plan to buy a new sea vessel or a RIB Boat for the purpose of recreation and for the need for fishing or other adventure purposes like diving and rowing.


How different VIAIN’s RIB Boat is than the traditional power or motorboats?

VIAIN’s RIB Boats have a special ability of nondrowning nature that is it can continue to float even if the Boat is made upside-down due to a cyclone or even by any heavy tidal waves and moreover the VIAIN’s design engineers renovated this extreme designs to automatically tilt itself from the inverted position to perpendicular, Provided that the VIAIN’s RIB Boats is in an amble depth of 3/4 the length of RIB Boats. VIAIN’s engineers made this possible based on the physics principle “moment of inertia” in along with the weight of external motors connected behind.
Even though VIAIN’s RIB Boats are being manufactured in many styles and models to fulfill the customer’s dynamic needs, a set of specific standards and norms are being obeyed on the manufacturing process.
All the VIAIN’s products are CE Qualified for the European nations.
All the VIAIN’s products follow Australian, basic Europe, and international standards.


Common features on most of the VIAIN reports are as follows:

VIAIN’s RIB Boat is being assembled with a corrosion-free aluminum alloy fuel tank of the maximum 60l capacity for an uninterrupted sailing experience.
All the cabins in VIAIN’s RIB Boats are with luxuries cushion seating so that you can enjoy a comfortable water ride without any inconvenience.
Our RIB Boat Consist of Aluminum oars to make sailing easier and enjoyable.
Also, we are providing you a foot pump for a manual air filling to the air chamber
VIAIN’s RIB Boat consists of a repair kit for your emergency purposes.
The entire boat can be controlled from the control panel which is in close proximity to the front seat which makes your ride easier, an assistant sailor is not necessary for this advanced VIAIN RIB Boat.
A mechanically powered innovative steering system attached in VIAIN’s RIB Boat helps the sailor for easy effortless turns.
Also, VIAIN’s RIB Boats are manufactured with premium quality stainless steel ailerons with lights, which make a bright night sail.
In some models, stainless steel backrest is embedded for a comfortable sail.

Are you interested in a sailing adventure? Then we have a solution for that also. VIAIN RIB Boats providing you :
Water ski pole for an amazing skating experience with your friends while you are sailing with VIAIN’s RIB Boats.
Also, it consists of a diving platform and a submerged ladder for the best diving experience in the sea.
Also, VIAIN’s consumers can enrich their own VIAIN’s RIB Boat with the following add-ons if necessary :
Secured boat cover for along garage free backyard parking.
Life Jackets for your safety purpose.
Also, a VIAIN’s electric pump can be purchased instead of a manual air pump provided with the VIAIN’s RIB Boat for an easy air filling.
A hydraulic steering system can be mounted if necessary for an easy steer.

Also, you can order a sunshade anchor for the RIB Boat’s oil tank as it is compulsory in the nations with hot and direct sunlight, most probably it is highly recommended for middle eastern countries.
An electric rechargeable battery with a safety box can be provided on demand for your basic electric need on the sail.
Also, VIAIN’s boat trailers made with premium quality materials can be purchased for easy transportation of your RIB Boats.
Cone ends made with fiberglass material in VIAIN’s factory are being produced to ensure a streamlined aerodynamic friendly design by our marvelous engineering team for a smooth and energy-efficient sail.
For a super-luxury finish teak floors can be mounted on VIAIN’s RIB Boats in demand.