Motorized & Pedal KAYAK

Bringing European standards to global markets! We introduce TIGATI, a premium quality kayak, and motor manufacturer and distributor. We deliver supreme craftsmanship and artistry in every product. We offer various models of Kayaks, motors, and accessories to suit your kayaking needs.

Ocean Fishing Kayak with Motor Trolley Bringing innovation and style into your fishing routines! We introduce the Single Ocean Fishing Kayak with Motor Trolley. This model has been perfectly designed to be both sleek and stable to enable both fishing and water sport activities. The 4 strokes engine-powered motorized kayak

gives the kayaker high speed and capacity over open waters. The design has been professionally rigged and built for maximum stability and performance. With considerably sharp and sleek aero lines, the kayak has the ability to smoothly slice and glide effortlessly through the waters. This particular kayak is also fully loaded with practical and innovative features that make it useful for outdoor water sporting activities. Kayakers will find this unique piece of watercraft suiting their recreational activities, fitness paddling, and also fishing routines. Opting for the full package gives you access to various inbuilt features that will help your budget. Maximum fun with minimum energy and budget!

Our Product Specifications
Single Ocean Fishing Kayak with Motor Trolley encompasses the below specifications. This makes the product Stable, durable, safe, and fast.
1) Maximum Loading Weight: This particular model allows a maximum loading weight of 150kgs for you and your supplies. This will enable a longer and safe water ride.

2) Material type: Using LLDPE or HDPE in the kayak ensures tensile strength and conformability in the long run

3) The below list of standard parts adds to the Convenience and safety factors of the kayak.
• 1 oval sealed hatch (Size: Diameter 51cm* 29cm)
• 1 removable storage as kid’s seat
• 2 Adjustable footrest
• 6 D-shaped button
• 2 flush fishing rod holders
• 1 rudder system
• 1 water drain cover
• 8 waterproof plugs
• 1 Bungees
• 3 plastic handles, 2 aluminum side handles.

4) The below list of optional parts is available for maximum safety assurance.
• Kayak paddle
• Life jacket
• Portable Water storage
• Deluxe back seat or upgraded stadium-style seat
• Adjustable fishing rod holder ( 2pcs max can be supported )
• Kayak rack
• Trolley

Our Unique features
1) Efficient Rudder system: Our efficient rudder system enables the kayaker to effortlessly control the direction of the kayak with simple movements of his or her feet. The rudder system has been rigged in particular ways to facilitate agility and free movement within the kayak.

2) Stability on water: Our craftsmanship and attention to detail provide stability to the kayak. This ensures maximum security to all the kayakers on board.

3) Storage capacity: Stay longer in the water as we provide you options of high storage capacity. Keep your valuables and supplies safe and dry. We have designed the storage space at the front of the kayak while keeping stability and accessibility in mind.
4) Multifunctional Center Console: This technical piece enables accuracy in GPS while kayaking in open waters. Hence safety is assured. In addition, you can also utilize the fishing rod holders and fish measuring scale plates.
5) Comfortable Stadium-style high seat: The Stadium-style high seat is both comfortable and adjustable to suit your figure. They offer maximum comfort and make sure the footrests are also positioned in a way to facilitate maximum free movement.