VBC 500 Series

VBC 500 Series

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VBC 500 series can be fitted to all types of 50mm tow ball and carry 4 bikes.

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VBC 500 Series can be fitted to all types of 50mm tow ball (regular and gooseneck) vehicles. You can carry up to 4 bikes, adults or kids. The platform comes equipped with light board and license plate holder. Bikes are attached using locking clamps. Not only is this a single-handed set-up, but the bike carrier is captivating the weight of the bikes, so it’s easy and safe – the bikes won’t unexpectedly spindle forward and clock you on the head. And they’re small and light enough to be placed in the boot of the car when not in use


Details Parameter
Max number of bikes   02 Bikes
Fits bolt on tow ball   Yes
Fits swan neck / detachable tow ball   Yes
Dimensions (width x depth)   94.5cm x 92cm
Dimensions (folded)   94 x 94 x 33 cm
Weight   19.2kg
Max load capacity   60 kg
Max weight per bike   15 kg
Tilting   Yes
Integrated lighting board   Yes
Lighting board plug type   7 Pin
Bike carrier to tow ball lock   Yes
Bike carrier to bike lock   Yes

4 Bicycle, 2 Bicycle, 3 Bicycle