VRC 705 A

VRC 705 A

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Universal lockable aluminum roof basket available in three sizes.

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The latest VRC 705 A, is made up of high-quality aluminium and nylon. It is available in 3 sizes(S, M, L). It is used to carry bulky items such as luggage or various carriers and containers. They allow users of an automobile to transport objects on the roof of the vehicle without reducing interior space for occupants, or the cargo area volume limits such as in the typical carriage’s trunk design.

Features a compact shank. Transform your vehicle into a trustworthy load-hauling mechanism by fixing this superior trailer hitch. With this product that is made utilizing only the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing technologies, you can safely haul your loads no problem whether you’re simply going from point A to B or heading for a long trip. Built to last, it brings a great combination of durability and worry-free performance.


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