VIAIN Brand full fill your Road Trip

We The VIAIN – A Leading Car Accessory provider in Europe to enhance your travel needs under one roof in along with a medium to order your products online through our web store. Most of the Products of VIAIN are designed and manufactured to ease the logistic need of your vehicle.

To be honest, saying A car is originally designed to Carry Live load with their little belonging in a comfortable environment but in practical life, it doesn’t be so. Say if you are on a family trip with all your family members including your loving Dog, Bike or even a mini boat and an adventure tent in addition to the luggage then Definitely comfort space has to be sacrificed.

By understanding the issues, we VIAIN do design and manufacture Different type of Roof Box for International and European Standard car and SUV Models to add an extra space to carry your goods comfortably. Our Engineers Design these Roof Boxes, Racks and Bike mounts with ABS Plastic Material (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene Plastic) Which is an eco-friendly material and lite weight aluminium alloy metal is also used in along with carbon fibre material to add extra strength. Also, aesthetic shiny finish coating is used in VIAIN`s Products to eliminate the heatstroke inside the carrier box and also to give an abstract shining finish to match your car’s colour.

The mission of VIAIN is to make common people to afford for better quality Car Carriers while using fine quality components and non-harmful materials and VIAIN continue to develop the vision pathway to achieve the mission said above.

As Per Consumers Feedback VIAIN`s Products has a Higher Life span than most of the other market Providers and continue to serve the consumer for about 10-15 years and with regards to our consumer service policy, We The VIAIN used to offer 3 years of guarantee to most of our own products with No added cost.

the Long and Well Established Brand full fill your Road Trip Needs

Most of the Products of VIAIN are designed and manufactured to ease the logistic need of your vehicle.