While fitting a car roof rack in the cars is an intelligent judgment to give an efficient use to the interior space of the car, it is significant to consider fitting it with an expert in the field as they can do unstable the car, can be separate if the weight placed on it is greater than it can be backing, among others.

The person is responsible for the fitting of this car addition must provide the user with a manual through which he will make known the advantages and disadvantages of using a car roof rack. The most common warnings are the following:

Add load and confrontation to the vehicle: this occurs with everybody, but particularly those who carry a chest on the bars, since the weight of the chest is added to the weight of the car, in addition, the size of it can signify some resistance to the wind, this implies a decrease in speed and a fuel ingestion a little greater than usual. This is a feature to consider when demanding a car roof rack installation.

The car roof rack will continuously be exposed to all outside agents that can worsen it, for this reason, it is essential to take the essential measures for its care and maintenance.