Aerodynamic Design: Your roof box should be designed to eradicate as much wind confrontation as possible. This is cooler with a hard-shell box.

Adequate Storage: Discover a roof box that has at least 15 cubic feet of storing capability. If you have a very small car, you may need a scaled-down storage box that holds 8 to 11 cubic feet. If you opt for an oversized unit, make guaranteed it will appropriate to your car.

Perfect Shape: Be definite to write down the dimensions of your car’s roof or luggage rack before making a selection. There are many diverse shapes and sizes of car roof boxes, so you’ll be able to find one that’s just accurate for your car.

Best Weight: Numerous roof boxes are made of strong, lithe polymers that provide provision and protection without adding extra weight. If the mass is a consideration, compare the weight of each type in order to catch one that suits your requirements.