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Aero Heavy is the superior size roof box comes with maximum loading capacity and quality. Also has the highest impact and crack resistance because we used ABS+ASA /ABS+PMMA materials in this box. Two colour choices available (Black, white). Moreover, there is dual side openings, anti-theft lock and binding belt. The net weight of the above mentioned is 17kg and 600L capacity. More suitable for camping, adventure or fun road trips with family.


  • Excellent Impact Resistance, crack resistance and weather resistance.
  • High-quality material: ABS+ASA /ABS+PMMA Excellent Impact Resistance, Crack Resistance.
  • Reinforced Beam: Structurally strengthen the bearing and stability of the roof box, Folding Support Rack
  • Anti-theft Lock: The lock will not be pulled out until the box is completely closed, six locking places inside the box to keep the security
  • High Bearing Capacity: It has the capacity that can hold max.75kg


Details Parameter
Brand Name VIAIN
Product Type Roof Box
Product Name AERO HEVY
Material  ABS, ASA /ABS, PMMA
Dimension XXXL 200x 82 x 30cm
Weight XXXL 17kg
Capacity (L) 600 (XXXL)
Opening Dual Side
Usage Carry goods
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Dual side opening
  • Reinforced Beam
  • Anti-theft Lock
  • Power Click System
  • High Bearing Capacity
  • Scratch resistance
  • Weather and water resistance
  • Fast click fixing ,5 mins installation
Colour Black GlossyWhite GlossyRed Glossy
Loading Capacity Up to 75kg

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